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Several of our Prayer Warriors have emailed us with experiences they have had regarding the Souls in Purgatory. We welcome any of your stories whether in dreams or reality. Just email them to us at Here are a few of the stories:

I wanted to tell you something that happened to me last night. While praying the Seven Sorrows Chaplet, I happened to become so relaxed and while still praying I began to witness something beautiful. I saw a woman (like looking at a movie) from behind her. She was with her little boy about 6 or 7 years old. She let him run up ahead of her in a playful manner and he was laughing. He turned around to look at his mother; he was so beautiful. My hand reached out in the same manner that our Lady’s had when she let his hand go, and I said Wow! I woke up with my hand outstretched and saying Wow! I realized that I was just looking at this and not a part of the image being shown to me. I just wanted to share this experience with you because it happened while I was praying the Seven Sorrows Chaplet. F.J.


Our Lord has given me a beautiful gift of love for the Holy Souls. They are the family that I cannot see. They do so many things for me such as: I haven’t used an alarm clock for years, they show me where lost things are, they remind me to do things, etc. etc. etc. I’m living this earth as a prayer to the Holy Souls. I made the “Heroic Act” many years ago. I renew it each day. K.G.


I want to share this with you, even though we only pray the Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows once a month. I truly believe that I could feel something had happened because of it – I cannot explain exactly what had happened, but definitely something had happened. God willing we will pray the Rosary of Our Lady of Sorrows next month. A.K.


May this day be the beginning of emptying Purgatory. In prayer this morning I saw the face of Padre Pio. I claimed it as a confirmation of this mission. T.T.

My little Story - Several people keep mentioning a book called "GET ME OUT OF HERE" by Nicky Eltz. I finally read it and it has changed my life. I promised the Holy Souls immediately that I would have Masses said for them and that I would say the Rosary every day for them. I immediately heard knocking when I made this promise. I say the rosary each night but when I forget and I'm ready to get into bed the knocking starts again. It's the Holy Souls reminding me of my promise and when I am finished saying the Rosary they knock a few times to say "THANK YOU MY FRIEND. By S.L.
Here is another experience with the Souls in Purgatory: I think I was dreaming, but even today I am not certain that I wasn't awakened by a group of young people "standing" around the foot of my bed in a foggy or light, smoky haze up to their knees or waists and dressed in regular clothes one would expect to see on youth. One of the two nearest the foot of the bed appeared to be the oldest of these children, pre-teens and teenagers. Many children and teens stood behind this older sandy-blonde-curly-headed boy in the "haze" in the distance (the depth of this distance didn't seem to matter to the walls of my tiny bedroom). A teenage boy was standing the closest at the foot of the bed with a paper on which was written a petition he was holding out towards me with both hands. I could not see what was written on the paper. The others were looking on without saying anything but their faces were clearly imploring me to grasp what he meant when he said in a soft but convincing voice, "Pray for us. You don't know how bad it is here." They stood there for a little while longer and the haze seemed to swirl slightly as if disturbed by movements and then they disappeared along with the haze.
I remember coming fully awake and shaken; filled with a sense of extreme urgency about what he had told me to do. From that day forward I have prayed for the children in the world and those who are sent to help them as well as the children in purgatory. I have no way of knowing if my prayers have made any difference, but over the years, I have been thankful for the international, federal and local government agencies and non-profits that have made some headway in the area of services or protections for children that hopefully will help protect our children from the evil influences of those who prey on children who don't have the guidance they need. I also try to recite the Eternal Father prayer often because of the promises made to one Saint that souls would be released from Purgatory upon the reciting of that prayer." J.E.
A.A.writes the following two incidents: One experience was the end of my bed linens, near my feet, being pulled very hard as I trailed off to sleep, not finishing whatever prayers I was saying on behalf of the Poor Souls. That has happened twice on different days. Another time was when I heard a very deep but muffled voice of a man saying “help me”. It woke me up immediately and I started praying again.
M.D. has had some experiences: I was in a light sleep and am not sure if this was truly happening or it was my imagination. At the side of my bed was the Blessed Mother and someone, I think a man, whose face I could not see but he was all dressed in a very bright white. At the foot of my bed sat a man all in gray (clothes and face) and very sad. I decided first to say an eternal rest for the man at the foot of my bed but nothing happened. I said an eternal rest once again and he stood up and started to go back away from my bed towards the wall and I no longer saw him. I then proceeded to concentrate on the Blessed Mother and the man in white. I told the Blessed Mother that I would pray more for the Souls in Purgatory and have masses said for them. They both disappeared and I lay in my bed with such a feeling of peace and tranquility.


Blogger Mrs. C said...

My devotion to the souls in purgatory came after watching a video about Sondra Abrahams. She died briefly in 1970 and was shown Heaven, hell and Purgatory. She also spoke with Jesus and The Holy Mother. After watching her I had such a calling to pray for the souls. When I would pray for each of my deceased relatives.....I was moved to tears. I felt as if I was truly doing something very charitable and loving. Soon after.....I was celebrating my Patron Saints feast day. My Saint is Saint Colette. I made a wonderful dinner and prayed and lit a candle in her honor. It was a great day. That night or a few days later ...I had a dream about my father. I was in a convent and a nun came to me and told me I could see my father. She told me I could only see him briefly and she told me that he may not make sense when he spoke to me. I seemed to understand what she meant. She then opened the door and in a small those in convents....he was there on a bed. I came over to him and took his hand and told him not to worry....and that I would help him and how much I loved him. During my dream....before the nun let me in to see him....I could here french being spoke at a distance. When I woke up....I immediatly knew that the nun was Saint Colette.....who was french. She was allowed to help me see how much my father needed my prayers and all the other souls. I love this devotion so much. I have been given a true gift from God and a very important task in praying for souls in purgatory. This is my vocation and the Lord has blessed me with it and I am happy.

2:17 AM  
Blogger Mrs. C said...

Thank you

2:23 AM  
Blogger Margaret Roberts said...

I said my first prayers to holy souls last night through the rosary. I had left myself with no money because I was paying my daughters deposit for a holiday for next year with school friends. I asked padre pio out loud today padre can u show me a sign that u are listening to me.
? Went to ATM tonight before Mass and the amount I gave my daughter is in my bank account from God only knows where. Thank u our blessed mother, padre pio and the holy souls.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Era Westgate said...

Reading so many stories about the Poor Souls in Purgatory and knowing most especially that they can't help themselves and we, the living are their only hope to get out from being purged, made me drawn to help them by offering Holy Masses, praying the Holy Rosary,Divine Mercy, St. Gertrude Prayer and offer my works, joys and sufferings for them. Looking back, even financially struggling, we didn't go hungry. We were and are protected from every evil, calamities and mostly people are very nice to us. One very specific incident: At the back of my little house, there was a coconut tree which the owner was hesitant to have it cut down. I was concern for our safety especially when there's a typhoon. In 1990 the strongest typhoon hit our city and I was so worried about the coconut tree behind our house. We survived by the loving mercy of God. A week after, the owner decided to cut it down finally. Get this, just one hacked of a machete, that coconut tree was completely down! It gives me goosebumps and I could not stop thanking God for protecting all of us thru the intercession of all the souls in Purgatory.
Two years ago, I lost my big brother to colon cancer. Diagnosed in November and died on February. For 30 years, he was doing his own thing without God. I called him up to go confession and receive the Holy Communion and the Extrem Unction. He did it all perhaps he knew he didn't have a choice. He was about to leave and he asked his wife that he wants to talk to me. I was 10,000 miles away from him. We talked and told him not to worry, I will take care of his family and follow the light and if ever along the way he needs my help, come back and tell me. And I told him that I love him and later I learned that after we hung-up, he died.

He showed up in my dream telling his friend that because of our prayers for him, he was saved from the fires of hell. He showed up again, running so fast towards me and said, Era, Offer mass for me? Running back where he came from. As if he was given a chance, just for few seconds to tell me that he needs Holy Masses for his relief.

I considered all the Holy Souls in Purgatory as my family. And I will continue to help them as long as I could especially those who are forgotten and abandoned ones.

I have a heart- shaped Red Vase where I put all the names of my family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and those brethren who went ahead of us and I call it as PURGATORY VASE. I got this idea from Papa Pio as short and easy way to pray them.

Eternal Rest grant unto them Oh Lord! And let your perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in Peace, Amen!!!

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Blogger Joseph Mutabingwa said...

It is last year 2014 that I came to learn about the holy souls in purgatory. Praying for them came to me as I used to wake up every 3am to pray the divine mercy chaplet and intercede for the sinful world - confessing the sins of the world. The holy souls helped me know about them through a book- tittled - One month with our friends the souls in Purgatory - Knowing Them- Praying for Them and Delivering Them. This book that looking at as write this testimony was a great inspiration for me to know about the holy souls in purgatory. Since then i took it as a great devotion that i have continued proper gating within my family and all places i go for work or anything. Since then I got a special grace of burning fire all over my body - which i feel is a clear indication of what happens in Purgatory and when i sin- this fire burns increasing or when I am on Spiritual disposition -this fire burns too much - the understanding came to me -describing it as THE FIRE OF THE LOVE OF GOD THAT PURIFIES - FIRE OF LOVE. As i write this testimony -it is burning heavily - i share with every body who will read this testimony. I have experience many souls that have appeared seeking for help- those of neighbors, friends and even relatives coming seeking our prayers. I offer masses, may work, joys and sorrows for them, say st.Gatrudes prayer for them - I love this devotion. I know holy souls you are praying for me and for us the prig rim church on earth. Joe

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Blogger Gia Angel said...

I dream of souls 3-4x a month ever since i was in grade school, i would always say this to my mom but she would always dismiss this,so i thought of nothing about became more frequent and my mom would ridicule me, this led me to keeping things to myself instead.just last night i had the saddest dream about my deceased grand father.i was im the ground floor of a building filled with a large crowd ,some where wearing colored clothes and the others were wearing gray.somewhere in the crowd, i saw my a guy who looked somewhat like my grand father but i wasnt sure because he looked young without any wrinkles and black hair,so i just passed by him and he suddenly grabbed my fore arm and looking sad and hugged me tight, thats when i knew it was him.he didnt say a word in the dream.then i saw my mom carrying melted small black candles which had something printed on it JHS holy candles.its sad and i still think about this dream.i pray for the holy souls a lot and offer masses for them and visit the cemetery every week.if theres something more i could do i would...😞

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