Tuesday, April 04, 2006


If people knew the real value of Confession, they would be fighting to get into the Confessional.

This Sacrament of Reconciliation does much more than “just” rid us of our sins; it gives us a tremendous increase in sanctifying grace. It wins for us a higher place in Heaven, with increased union with God.

Each time we go to Confession, we are preserved from many dangers and misfortunes which might otherwise have befallen us.
Confession is reconciliation with God – we admit our faults, we confess our pride, we want to be again in union with Him – and from all this honest and sincere reformation of life will come God’s added grace. The power of Satan over us is diminished. We are helped to resist sin.

A devout Confession helps us to hear the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. It gives us added “spiritual muscles” and helps us to hear and follow the advice of our Guardian Angels. It rids us of mortal sin and gives us a greater desire to be free even of venial sin. It gives us a special preserving influenced against the fires of passion.

Pope Paul VI described Confession as: “…a school of moral wisdom, …a training ground for spiritual energy…” Pope Pius XII, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Philip Neri, Ven. Mary of Agreda and many others went to Confession every day. St. Francis of Rome went three times a day. These people knew how true it is that:
“Confession is good for the soul.”


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